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The official pictures of the next generation E-Class have leaked on the internet. The highly anticipated german saloon will be launched at the Geneva Motor Show next year and will go on sale the same year as a year 2010 model. The new E-Class carries the Mercedes traditional 4-Louvre grille upfront but the styling is more edgier compared to the well rounded but boring looks of the current ‘E’. The trademark ’E’ twin headlamps also remain but break away from the tradition by being squarish instead of the classic round eyed affair. Overall design theme is based on well formed lines instead of the more rounded look of the current generation.

The base E-Class sedan and estate will come with a 4 cylinder turbocharged engine developing around 184 bhp while the range topper will come with a 550 bhp V8 from the AMG E63. New engine to the line up will include a direct injection petrol V6 and a 354 bhp diesel V8! There will be a hybrid version too with the same V6 petrol and electric motor powertrain as the S400 BlueHybrid.

An all new MacPherson strut and active multilink suspension is expected to make it apperance on the new ‘E’ alongwith bigger more powerful brakes and more accurate steering system. The Mercedes recent return to form with the interior quality with the C-Class will be carried over to the new ‘E’ as well. The interior styling mirror both the S-Class and the new C-Class including a centrally mounted screen as well an in-dash unit between the speedometer and the tachometer.

Expect the new E Class to be loaded with advanced electronics for performance, safety and entertainment which will include ability to read road signs, monitoring driver fatigue and even infra-red lightening like its big brother S-Class.

Source: Autoblog.it n CubicCapacity.com

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