How to increase initial pick-up..

the simplest way is to use a Air Filter (K&N)... replace ur stock air filter with a bosh or K n N airfilter.

speed, acceleration, top, pick up
one would need a free flow exhaust along with a K&N....a filter alone, be it K&N or HP won't make even a slight difference to the performance except the sound which will make you feel that the performance has increased slightly...but using a K&N will drastically reduce the carburettor's life and will call in for more frequent opening and cleaning of the carb. the power will reduce if a carb goes in frequent clean-ups..

  • u can use a high performance spark plug(sports spark plugs).

  • or Install Small tyres. Like R15's MRF Zappers may do...

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February 22, 2010 at 12:12 AM

hello sir.....i am a tremendous fan of pulsar and i own a p200..well my question for you is now my bike is 2 yrs old and it gives me a top speed of 121 kmph
..i want to ask you should i go for K&N R1100(with jetting)and change of sprockets(smaller one may be 36-37 teeths).well right now i am looking for speed both pick up and top speed ....plz help


April 19, 2012 at 4:06 AM


KN&N with jetting will help you increase in speed and smaller sprocket will gv you pick up

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