Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi Details, Specifications, photos

Okay.. let me introduce you to my sweety, my most favorite two wheel vehicle, BAJAJ PULSAR 220!!!  i m big fan of pulsar, as i own it!! Man, it feels great when you drive it...

Red color suit very well!! lookin some international bike... ( i think its already international, if i m not wrong!!)

BAJAJ PULSAR in red color 

Technical Specifications ::

  • Engine Type :: Single Cylinder Air Cooled, 4 Stroke Sohc
  • Valve Train :: 2 Vlve
  • Displacement :: 220cc
  • Bore & Stroke :: NA
  • Starting :: Electric Start only
  • Ignition/fuelling :: Fuel injection (DTS-Fi)

Looking great... somehow like dirt bike!!

  • * First four stroke engine in the world employing DTS-Fi technology
  • o Intelligently controlled ignition timing for each plug
  • o High combustion efficiency
  • o Low performance variability between engines
  • o Precise metering of fuel for highest outputs and lower emissions
  • o Easy engine starts in all conditions of temperature and altitude
  • o Best in class fuel economy [ as in beating the Karizma? Is that even a task?

  • o First natural air-cooled 4-stroke engine in India employing a oil cooler
  • + Maintains lube-oil viscosity even under extreme conditions of stress and ambient temperatures.
  • + Also helps in cooling the engine internals
  • + First high capacity engine in India to employ rollers at rocker arm pivits and camshaft interfaces for low friction
  • + First engine in India to have electric start as the sole means of cranking

  • Max. Power :: 20 Glossary Term: BHP
  • Max. Torque :: 1.95 kgm (no rpm claim)
  • Top speed :: 135 kph
  • Fuel economy :: 50 kpl in 'sane riding'

  • Gear Box :: 5 Speed Constant Mesh
  • Clutch :: New. Superior to Pulsar 180/150

  • Battery :: MF typre, 12V 9Ah
  • Head Light :: Ellipsoidal projector 55W/parabolic 55W H7
  • Tail Light :: High intensity LEDs

  • Type Double cradle (new frame)

  • Front :: 37 mm Telescopic Hydraulic Type 130 mm travel
  • Rear :: Ellipitical section Swing Arm With twin Hydraulic
  • Gas-charged Shock Absorbers; 101 mm travel

  • Front :: 260mm Disc Type
  • Rear :: 230mm Disc Type

  • Front :: 90/90-17 tubeless
  • Rear :: 120/80-17 tubeless 
  • First two wheeler in India to employ tubeless tyres for superior performance and safety
  • · First vehicle in the class to employ the widest tyres
  • · First vehicle in India to employ a hydraulically actuated 230 mm rear disc brake

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