TVS Apache RTR 160 RD

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The new variant of apache RTR called apache RTR 160 RD. ‘RD’ probably denotes Rear Disc.

Apache RTR 160 RD now comes with a factory fitted 200mm Rear Petal Disc Brake. Since its launch the Apache RTR has been a runaway success due to its superior power and performance derived from its Racing Throttle Response, which still is the benchmark in the above parameters. With the introduction of 200mm Petal Rear Disc brake, the Apache RTR adds a new performance dimension offering Incomparable Braking Performance, thereby matching the aspirations of the youth of today for a fast, muscular, powerful and yet, latest on safety parameter.The rear disc brake variant called Apache RTR 160 RD is available at a nominal premium of Rs. 2000/- over the existing rear drum brake version.

"We have now introduced the option of a rear disc at a nominal price. The priority in every step of the Apache brand's development has been performance."

Pictures of new TVS apache RTR 160 RD



Pics From Vicky.In

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