About Suzuki A-star Interiors and Picture

The two tone dashboard and aptly placed items gives the A-star an upmarket look. Space is efficiently used, the vertical glove box is the nice design thought, it occupies less space and should be found highly useful
Suzuki A-star
More pictures of Maruti A-star which will be out in next few weeks has come out. A-star will be powered a all new K-series engine producing 48kW (65hp). A-star will give stiff competetion to Hyundai’s i10 and will be priced between Rs3.5 to Rs4lakhs.
Suzuki A-star
Expect the Maruti Suzuki A-star before the end of this October and will be priced between Rs3-4 lakhs.
Suzuki alto

Styled with european customers in mind, A-star is the true global to be produced solely in India. Suzuki will market this car under various names and various badges in almost 150 countries.

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