Bajaj Pulsar User Reviews

Okay.. So lets start with me!!
    As i have been riding pulsar since last 2 years.. i really enjoyed it!! great pickup.. excellent look, low maintenance, al r great!! Top speed is 110 kmph!!! One thing that i dnt like with this baby is the problem with gear-box!! -Max

Bajaj Pulsar,User Reviews

Aage Nikal Rahe Hai Hum, Khud Se Hi Aage Hur Kadam” Which Means We Have Competition with our self only... - Roy

Positive side,
1) Looks
2) Speed
3) Pick up
4) Tyres
5) Breaks
6) Low End Torque

Negative Side.
1) The gearbox needs to be well serviced.
2) Secondly the fuel indicator doesnt show correct reading -Sandeep

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October 20, 2009 at 1:05 PM

ok no doubt that bajaj pulsur is nice bike but the main problem with the bajaj products are vibration and rough gear shifting. some times before there was no option except the pulsar when one had to buy 150 cc bike but now various choices are available so i don't think that the pulsar is the best option now.

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