Apollo Tyres launches fashion accessory alloy wheels

Acelere Wheelz – a brand new range of alloy wheels – from Apollo Tyres has been launched through premium passenger car tyre dealers across the country. Called the Fall-Winter Collection, they are positioned as automotive “fashion accessories”. A new collection will be introduced into the Indian market every six months. Acelere Wheelz are a natural extension to Apollo’s high end tubeless passenger car tyre range and reinforces the company’s credo of providing customers with best-in-class, performance driven and value for money products.

Wheelz’s unique selling proposition is its world-class finish, styling and raving good looks. Available in 30 distinct styles, sized between 13 to 17 inches, the Acelere Wheelz range has something to suit nearly every customer’s taste and pocket.

The range comprises a budget or utility set of designs and another which comprises premium designs and finishes for the discerning customer. Acelere Wheelz will be available in the six metropolitan cities of Delhi, Ludhiana and Chandigarh in the North and Bangalore, Chennai and Cochin in the South. A gradual expansion of the network will take place over the course of the year.

At a Network Partner meeting in New Delhi, Satish Sharma, Chief, India Operation, Apollo Tyres Ltd, said: “These high Quality wheels fulfil a need amongst the growing tribe of driving enthusiasts in India. For many of us, our cars have become an extension of our selves. In recent times, many of our customers have been asking for well-crafted alloys, at an affordable price, capable of making a quiet style statement. For our Network Partners, this enables them to further strengthen their business with existing customers.”

For an initial period, Acelere Wheelz is offering a lucrative “combo offer” with Apollo’s range of tubeless passenger tyres – Acelere, Acelere Sports, Aspire and Hawkz. A set of four tyres and four alloys could fetch a discount between 3 to 15%. For example, for Swift if an upsized 17” is fitted along with a set of Acelere Wheelz, the saving is as much as Rs 8000.

High quality alloy wheels like the Acelere Wheelz have a utility dimension beyond looks. They are more durable than steel wheels and lighter -- in the long run the lower weight brings down the fuel consumption of a car.

Apollo Tyres has a manufacturing contract with the global leader in alloy wheels –- YHI. They are the second largest manufacturer of alloy wheels in the world and own prestige racing and non-racing brands like Advanti Racing. The contract with Apollo Tyres ensures exclusivity on the designs that YHI produces with the Apollo branding.


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